Empathize & Learn

How can we break a huge problem into manageable parts? What role does empathy play in problem solving?

30 min

Outcome(s): At the end of this lesson, learners will recognize ways to break a large problem into manageable pieces and understand the importance of empathizing with a user when working to solve problems.


  • Empathize & Learn Slidedeck
  • Empathize & Learn Poster for each Team
  • Student Journals
  • Pencil for each participant

1. Launch

Objective: After watching a video on where to begin with problem solving, learners will work as a team to narrow down a large problem into manageable pieces.

2. Explore

Objective: Using the Empathize & Learn poster, each team will begin to think about who experiences the issue they chose, who they may need to talk to about the issue, and what questions they might ask. Learners will also list other resources that might be helpful in learning more about the issues.

3. Summarize

Objective: Learners will engage in whole-group discussion about what each team as selected to investigate and how they plan to learn more about the problem they selected.