Imagine If

How can we think about ways designs can be improved?

30 min

Outcome(s): At the end of this lesson, learners will have experience looking closely at a familiar object and thinking creatively on how it can be improved.


  • Imagine If… Slidedeck
  • Wonder Journal Prompt
  • Student Journals
  • Ice Cream Cones (or something else familiar that has some function)
  • Optional: Ice Cream to add to cones during final summarize discussion
  • Pencil

1. Launch

Objective: After reviewing previous thinking routines, learners are introduced to a new thinking routine called Wonder. Using the example of a chocolate chip cookie, learners will discuss creative ways to make a cookie more effective, efficient, ethical, and beautiful.

2. Explore

Objective: Given and ice cream cone (cone only), and a journal prompt, learners will think creatively to identify how an ice cream cone could be improved to be more effective, efficient, ethical, and beautiful. Learners are encouraged to think creatively and reminded there are no wrong answers. Learners should sketch and write in their journal corresponding with the journal prompt.

3. Summarize

Objective: Learners will compare their ideas with partners and within a whole group to share thoughts on how classmates would improve the design of an ice cream cone. Before or after this discussion, you have the option of adding ice cream to the cone.