Intro to Design Awareness

What does it mean to see the world as designed?

30 min

Outcome(s): At the end of this lesson, learners will be able to recognize human-made designs around them and communicate what function the designs serve.


  • Introduction to Design Awareness Slidedeck
  • Design Awareness Journal Prompt
  • Student Journals
  • Pencil for each participant

1. Launch

Objective: After learning about past and present designs of an elevator, learners will engage in discussion on why and how designs are developed to serve a purpose.

2. Explore

Objectives: The learners participate in a design hunt to locate human-designed objects around the room or building while adding to their journals to capture what they are noticing.

3. Summarize

Objective: Learners will share the designs they discovered with classmates, communicating what they found and what function each design performs.