Prototype, Test, & Refine

How can building prototypes, testing, and gathering feedback improve designs?

60 min

Outcome(s): At the end of this lesson, learners will have experience developing an initial prototype, gathering feedback from peers, and refining their designs based on feedback.


  • Prototype, Test, & Refine Slidedeck
  • Ish by Peter Reynolds
  • Student Journals
  • Pencil for each participant

1. Launch

Objective: After an introduction to prototyping and listening to the book Ish read aloud, learners will discuss the meaning and purpose of prototypes while making connections to the main idea of the story.

2. Explore

Objective: Learners have 15 minutes to work as a team to create a sketched, written, or constructed prototype of a possible solution to the problem they chose to investigate. After working with their own teams to develop initial prototypes, and using the quality feedback tips in the slidedeck, teams will partner up to share their designs and get/give feedback on another team’s design. Finally, teams will gather back together to refine their original plans.

3. Summarize

Objective: Using prompting questions from the Prototype, Test, and Refine slidedeck, learners will discuss benefits of sharing ideas with others and gathering feedback to improve designs.